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- The Home of Scottish Brewing -  


Founded in 1719 by market gardener John Johnstone, Belhaven, or “Beautiful Bay” – nestles among the rolling barley fields of the beautiful East Lothian coast, around 20 miles east of Edinburgh.


During the war years, the brewery supplied ale to the troops in spite of rationing of raw materials. Alexander (Sandy) Hunter joined the Company in 1946 - the last family member in a line running back to 1719, to be directly involved in running the brewery. Sandy retired in 1982, having presided over almost 4 decades of award-winning beers and consistent growth for Belhaven.


300 years later, Belhaven brews over 20 different beers and exports to over 45 countries including key markets in Russia, Sweden, France and the USA, where we are the Official Beer of New York Tartan Day Parade Events.





Belhaven Brewery is home to the no. 1 selling keg ale in Scotland - our beloved Belhaven Best. A sweet, malty beer with lots of toffee and caramel notes from the pale and crystal malts. We use Challenger and Goldings hops to balance the sweetness and add a fresh, dry hop taste. The result - a satisfying, easy drinking bitter.





Our mouth-watering Twisted Grapefruit IPA is something quite unique! This zingy, juicy brew is packed full of fresh grapefruits, hand-chopped by Barbara at the brewery, which is added to the percolator, infused with our delicious beer.


We use Chinook and Mandarina Bavaria hops – really amplifying the grapefruit aroma and taste. It’s no surprise that Twisted Grapefruit IPA won BEER OF THE YEAR at the Scottish Beer Awards in 2018.





Try our Belhaven beers at one of our Belhaven Pubs and enjoy our beloved Ales!

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