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Functions at the Club

Our pubs have always been the natural choice for a celebration or indeed something more serious such as a business meeting, but did you know that many of them offer well equipped function rooms with full audiovisual materials for meetings and events, or great sound and lighting to make your party go that bit better? While not every pub will have a dedicated function room, several can offer a separate area such as a mezzanine which works well for smaller groups where you might not necessarily be away from the action. Whatever the size of function you need, we will be delighted to discuss any specific requirements you have and can help get things going with a function pack to help you choose the catering you would like. Don’t forget that pubs with function rooms can offer a great wedding for only £999!

If you have any queries, please contact us via email or telephone 01698 860416.

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Functions at the Overlee

Here at the Overlee we aim to cater for all generations and that means occasions & celebrations of every type. We have an area that can be closed off to form a discrete room complete with its own bar and can work with event organisers to create a memorable occasion, be that for business or pleasure. Simply pop in for a personal tour or call to enquire on availability.

If you have any queries, please contact us via email or telephone 0141 638 6649.

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