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Intensely Fruity

Combining fresh strawberry flavour with the subtle taste of lime, Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime Cider packs in maximum fruit refreshment and a revitalising taste - the perfect drink for a summer day. Abv 0.05%

Sweet & Vibrant

A perfect blend of naturally sweet, red dessert apples. This refreshing new addition to the Thatchers family proves perfection comes in many shades. Abv 4%

Aromatic & Alcohol Free

Thatchers Zero has all the ‘apple-ly’ aromas, with crisp refreshment expected from the master cider makers at Myrtle Farm. Thatchers Zero is beautifully bright, has a golden appearance, with a crisp, medium dry taste and fruity aromas. Abv 0.05%

Sweet & Tangy

The head of the Bulmers family, this is a Herefordshire cider hero. A light bodied apple cider with sweet ‘apple-ly’ notes and a subtle tanginess. Best enjoyed over ice for ultimate refreshment. Abv 4.5%

Curious Mix & Fruity

This unique combination delivers the flavours of crisp, tangy rhubarb and smooth, creamy custard. Curiously original. Serve chilled over ice. Abv 4%

Curious Mix

A delicate flavour of sweet violets with a subtle hint of floral notes. Be unconventional. Serve chilled over ice. Abv 4%


This unique flavour blends strawberry, vanilla, dark berry and grape, providing you with a unique version of Tutti Frutti. Serve chilled over ice. Abv 4%

Exotic & Refreshing

Kopparberg blends bursts of passionfruit with its traditional apple cider to create the exotic and refreshing Kopparberg Passionfruit. Best served over mountains of ice, this delicious flavour is perfect for any season. Abv 4%

Refreshingly Light

Kopparberg Mixed Fruit Cider delivers a delicious punch of raspberry and blackcurrant flavour. Refreshingly light, Kopparberg Mixed Fruit Cider is the taste of summer. Abv 4%